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House Keeping Services

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Housekeeping means maintaining cleanliness and order as per Jodhana Security Solutions. And whatever duty is to be followed. Housekeeping duties in the case of a hotel involve maintaining it at its best in terms of cleanliness and keeping it in as desirable an environment as possible.
With over a decade’s experience in serving the clients and our combination of the best Manpower (i.e., housekeepers), Detergents and Equipments has helped us getting more clients month by month from academic, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, manufacturing and health services industries we pride ourselves on providing efficient and professional housekeeping services, suited to respond to the individual and professional needs of our clients.

What Makes Us Different

Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the home and work environment of every client through a collaborative approach is our Goal. All the teams we deploy at the client’s carry a check-list of the specific places they must clean in every home like a professional housekeeper. At the completion of the house cleaning, they get the written feedback of client on every project without fail, so that the company and the management team knows about the comfort factor of the client’s concerning the quality of home cleaning services provided.

  • Cleaning Services
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning
  • Washroom Hygiene
  • Spring Cleaning on Weekends
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning
  • Sofa Shampooing
  • Window Glass Cleaning
  • Pre and Post Event Cleaning

Services we offer

Keep The Area Protected From Pest Infestation And Sanitize Garbage Cans Regularly.

Keep Your Chair Located Properly And Lines Should Be Clean Folded And Wrinkle Free.

Keep Your All Floors Vaccumed And Polish The Surface Of Essential Parts.

Minimise Distraction And Provide Sufficient Amenities To Your Guest

Make Sure That Precautions For Any Kind Of Free Relevant Incidents

Interested with this service.